Kendraa Scott Case Study

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Business Profile on Kendra Scott A business profile is a glimpse of a company’s history, qualities and management structure. Its purpose is to inform a consumer on what the company is based on and what they intended in achieving. I have provided information on the Texas based jewelry store, Kendra Scott.
Basic Information Ms. Kendra Scott, Owner of the jewelry brand Kendra Scott opened up her home based business in 2002. She was determined to start a jewelry business that wasn’t too expensive and overpriced, or very inexpensive and cheap quality. She wanted something that was affordable and of quality. In 2005 the prestigious designer, Oscar De La Renta reached out to Scott in search of her products for a fashion show. She was able to
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With more than 1000 employees, At KS they aren’t just another person working at the company, not matter what position the person has they will always be seen as a member of a great big family and will be treated the same as others. The Austin headquarters count with wellness rooms, break room areas with large chandeliers, pastel colors, (the same colors used in Ms. Scotts kitchen) as well as nursery rooms for the mommy’s with little ones. Within the next year KS plans on expanding their headquarters and adding even more perks for the employees so they are able to have their kids close to them while …show more content…
Be satisfied with the handmade product, whether it be a piece designed by Kendra or designed by yourself. The company takes pride in pushing for something more than just a product but provide the customer something of value.
KS jewelry continues to grow as it not only focuses on selling in their own retail stores but also selling to larger stores and giving the opportunity to purchase wholesale. With its unique and personable experiences the company continues to soar above its competitors

Value The company’s core values are Family, Fashion, & Philanthropy. The company focuses on giving a personable experience to customers and employees as well as provide inexpensive yet, quality products that are unique to the customer. Just like the business has grown over the past years it has also given back to the community, with charity events and partnering up with various cancer funds. For KS it’s important to put just much thought and passion with the community just like it is for the handmade

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