Analysis Of Mtv 's White Squad Essay

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MTV 's "White Squad" commercial consists of a carefully chosen team of white men and women who are eager to assist non-white citizens beyond what is commonly experienced by them under the same social, political, and economic circumstances. The ad demonstrates the irony of how white privilege works in this generation. MTV released this commercial under the “Look Different” campaign to emphasize as well as add to its goal of opening people’s eyes to hidden biases. MTV sides with the fact that, “If we all do more to challenge bias, we can help create a more equal future” (MTV). The satirical commercial “White Squad” not only convinces some people that it is a real company, but it also raises tension and anger in offending many African Americans and minorities in this commercial. Furthermore, the ad affects Caucasians as it makes fun of them and the “white privilege” some whites do not believe exists.
The 90-second commercial starts off with a white male representative stating an usual question "Is your skin color holding you back?" The man then proceeds to advise, "I 'd like to tell you about a new solution to racial inequality: White Squad, professional white advantage services." Although the commercial shows a non-existent service, it finally gave people of color white privilege on demand.
With the three forms of rhetoric -- ethos, pathos, and logos -- being modes of persuasion used to convince audiences, advertisers like MTV appeal to their audiences in this way. MTV is able…

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