Strength Campaign Analysis Essay: Strong Is The New Skinny

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Strong is the New Skinny
There’s this supposition in society that every woman wants and needs to be beautiful in order to be successful in life. In addition to society, there is an abundance of multi-billion dollar companies devoted to selling women products designed to “fix” them into look a certain way. These companies come into our lives with advertisements directed towards fashion, celebrity gossip, and now, makeup. I got excited when I saw MAC’s makeup advertisement entitled “Strength.” The image is not a glamourous, airbrushed celebrity. Rather, it’s a powerful shot of a body builder. I commend MAC for choosing a bodybuilder to be the main inspiration for this collection. Overall, this strength campaign complicates things because the woman in this advertisement is both strong and beautiful.

Target Audience
It is apparent that MAC’s target audience is directed towards women who wear makeup. However, in this particular advertisement, MAC tried targeting all women regardless of whether they wear makeup or not. Society has made it’s point to prove that women should be beautiful and healthy. When flipping through a magazine, one can find an abundance of
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Jenna Sauers voiced her opinion online stating “hers is a body that is so different from the usual physical ideal that is shoved down women 's throats"(Sauers). Personally, I believe MAC does this for shock value to entice potential customers, but also because other advertisements and campaigns are trying to embrace new ways to highlight what is beautiful. Therefore, this is another marketing strategy MAC uses to get women to feel better about themselves when viewing this advertisement. Women who view this ad can not only feel better about themselves but can also be more willing to trust the product MAC is trying to

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