Analysis Of Holes, By Louis Sachar Essay

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In one point in our lifetime, our parents, teachers or one of our mentors tells us to never give up whether it a sports game, a video game, or even a test of any kind. Well in this story, it resembles whats like to not give up and by that, we can achieve many rewards in life by not giving up to pursue our dreams. In his book called Holes, Louis Sachar uses the reality phrase “don 't give up” to perform a part of how not giving up will achieve one 's goal. In this scenario it is not about games or test, but in this case it 's about survival. So technically this whole story that the author is trying to tell us is to not give up. The first part where Louis Sachar shows of not giving up is when Stanley arrived to camp green lake which is in the desert. He was forced to dig a hole that is 5 ft deep and 5 ft in diameter. He starts digging and was having trouble, but he doesn’t give up. A few holes later, he develop big blisters but, that didn’t get in his way from digging holes. Many days past and since he doesn’t gave up, he was digging holes quite faster than before. (page 12)
The second part where Sachar shows of not giving up is about Stanley’s great-great grandfather Elya as Stanley’s grandfather describes him, no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather!” - Louis Sachar. He was in loved with a girl named Myra, so he went to go get advice from a fortune teller to know “how can i get my love to like me?” The fortune teller told him to do one thing… keep…

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