Analysis of Harley Davidson Essay

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Enterprise software selection case study: Harley Davidson Motor Company


Paper outline 1. Brief background of the company 2. Problem statement 3. Scenario description 4. Process Considerations made A. Technical aspects B. Involved stakeholders 5. Software selection process 6. Considerations in software selection conclusions 7. Conclusion

Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection Case Study
Having been founded in 1903, Harley Davidson Motor Company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles globally. The company produces up to 28,000 motorcycles annually, sold by dealers in over 67 countries around the world. The
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Considering the technical aspect involved in integrating the software into business operations, purchasing team is structured to work closely with the engineering department (Thomas, William, Berry, and Clay 56). The case emphasizes the importance of building all-inclusive Purchasing operations groups, which was located alongside their manufacturing counterparts at the plants and facilities. Additionally, planning and control group was situated at the Corporation’s headquarters, with leadership being derived from the various purchasing managers from the numerous Harley-Davidson sites. Representatives from various departments including: Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), Original Equipment (OE), Parts and Accessories (P&A), as well as General Merchandising (GM) purchasing activities were also included. The scenario highlights the importance of having all stakeholders on board to ensure that the process is all-inclusive and addresses the needs of all the quarters of the organization’s operations.
Other than team identification and inclusion of stakeholders in the process, the case defines the whole process necessary in selecting the suitable enterprise software (Escalle and Austin 78). The process is described by the flow chart below:

Figure 1: Process involved in enterprise software selection at Harley Davidson Motor Company The process began with stage being set for brainstorming of ideas that exposed

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