Alternate Ending To Thomas Hardy

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He sounded a little reluctant at first, but then answered, "Agreed."

On the sofa, I had grabbed a throw pillow and begun to squeeze it. I was so nervous...

"I need to tell you about a certain kind of person," she began, "...and these kind of people you may know, and I want you to keep an eye out for them. There are certain kind of people who specialize in fooling others for their own personal gain, and they have no way of empathizing with other people."

He shuddered. "This is scary..."

"These people are called psychopaths. Now, this isn 't the way to find psychopaths, but all psychopaths are excellent liars. Do you know how to find an excellent liar?"


"This isn 't always a trait of excellent liars, but keep listening to me. There
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"I 'm going to prove to you that your father is hiding something."

"Wait... excuse me... what? Are you accusing my father of-"

She interrupted him. "-Just... hear me out. Tomorrow, Sylvia has planned to run away."

"WHAT?" I demanded, a bit of anger welling up inside of me.

"...and the three of us know about it. She 's going to hide out in Tod 's old apartment for a few days, okay? Now, I want you to stay behind and tell absolutely no one. Pretend that you don 't know she 's gone. The two of us are going to do an experiment."

Edgar sounded disturbed and confused. "I... I... I-I... I don 't like this..."

"Tomorrow night, I want you to tell me what story your father has cooked up for her disappearance. I promise you that he 's going to come up with something."

He didn 't answer for a good ten seconds. "...I can 't believe you 're calling my father a psychopath..."

"No, I 'm not saying that at all! All I 'm saying is that he may have lied to you about certain things in the past, and I 'm going to prove that, if anything, he 's a good liar."

"W-Why are you doing
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"Be that way."

"You deserve a scratch across your face," I whispered. "But... it 's too late for anything right now. I just need to... detox a bit." I let a good, deep breath out as I closed my eyes. "I 'm exhausted. Want to change into pajamas and chat about something less frustrating, stressing, and possibly life affecting?"

She nodded. "Good idea. You 're too close to me to be lost over something stupid like this, and I may have made a mistake, and I 'm sorry."

"I guess I forgive you, but, don 't you dare blame me if consequences that aren 't necessarily the most fun arise because of your stupid decision. Okay?"

"Thank you..." she whispered. "Now... how about some hot chocolate?"

I almost laughed. The topic deescalated so promptly that it was hard to believe that, a minute earlier, I was threatening to run my claws across her face. "Sure... hot chocolate sounds really good right now..."

"Would you like some marshmallows?"

"Sure, why not?" I crossed my arms.

"Okay... two hot chocolates, coming right up! I 'll go fetch them from the kitchen for you... tomorrow 's going to be one infernum of a

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