Essay on Waking Up - Original Writing

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Sleeping peacefully in her bed, Laura was cradling a pillow to her chest. The sun was beaming through her blinds causing the woman to stir. Usually, waking up was a simple task for Laura; she was a morning person after all. She groaned when the first beam of sunlight hit her face.
Picking up her alarm clock on her nightstand, Laura looked at the time.
“Ugh, why is it so early?” She placed her clock back on the surface and slowly began to sit up. She put her hand to her head which was throbbing. “Nothing a little Excedrin can’t handle.” Crawling out of her warm bed, she walked to her bathroom and took out two pills to take, pouring tap water into her rinse cup. Once she took her medicine, she jumped into a warm shower, washing away any residue of last night’s break up.
After she finished getting dressed, she walked went into the kitchen to make some coffee. As she was doing that, her phone rang. The screen flashed ‘Dad’, which Laura immediately picked up.
“Hey dad!” Laura said, pouring creamer into her coffee.
“Hey pumpkin. I haven’t heard from you in a while. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just had a long night.” Laura walked outside to her balcony, hoping to see her neighbor. However, Carmilla wasn’t there.
“Laura Eileen Hollis, please tell me you did not have wild night of drinking with your coworkers.”
“What? No. Dad…Danny and I split up last night.”
“What happened?”
“She turned into you. Overprotective and sheltering. I felt like I was…

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