Analysis Of ' Elijah Travers ' And ' Oh Boy ' Essay

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I met the ying to my yang when I was eight years old. His name is Elijah Travers, and oh boy we couldn 't more like ying and yang, always together but almost complete opposites. Elijah is paler than snow itself, covered in freckles, and has dark brown hair that looks almost raven black. Growing up, we hated each other. We met playing for a recreational soccer team, I was the only girl on the team. As well as I wasn’t to particularly good at the sport, my lack of coordination was apparent. Tripping over the ball, and completely missing the kicks I actually attempted drove Elijah up a wall. “Kick the ball Emily!”, “Emily run!”, “Emily just do something!”, I was being yelled at non-stop by the kid. We fought constantly, picking on each other at practices, pushing each other in the mud, and yelling at each other about something new. We started to grow, both of us continued to play on the same team as the years went on. Eventually a friend of mine developed a silly crush on Elijah. Which started sending me to soccer practice with silly childish love letters. Eventually these letters helped us start to form a friendship, staying after practice giggling about the letters nieve content. The childish games were merely amusing to us. Eventually our soccer games faded to nothing but a distant memory of the past. So did the young boy who used to beat me up at practice. Seasons changed, children grew to teenagers, years went by, and people forgotten. In middle school one might my…

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