Essay about Analysis Of ' Dogs Are A Man 's Best Friend '

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Many have heard the saying, “dogs are a man’s best friend”, and I happen to believe this is true. Misty is my best friend. She is my four-year-old german shepherd. Misty is the sweetest, but the most protective dog out there, at least in my eyes, of course. She definitely is one of a kind and a spoiled rotten fur baby. Misty loves me unconditionally and gives me all the love in the world. She has taught me many things about life. Some may think or say, it is just a dog; how can a dog do that? Truth is, a dog is more than just a dog. A dog knows what you are feeling and know exactly how to comfort. They know when you are sad, happy or angry. The best thing of it all is they always have a way of making you happy and give you the best of time. As I sit and look at Misty I realize how much she enjoys life and how it really is about the little things. Misty came into my life when she was only 3 months old. I remember it clearly, as if it had happened just yesterday. It was a cold, windy December night. My friend showed up at my house, I grabbed my coat and went outside to meet her. I noticed it was taking her awhile to get out, I could see her grabbing something from the back seat. I did not think much of it. All I could think of was how cold it was and how much I wanted her to hurry! As she was walking towards me I could see something in her arms. It was as if she was carrying something wrapped and bundled up in a towel. It was moving! “What is that moving?” I asked. She…

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