Reflective Essay: My Kairos Experience

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Anahi Chavez Morales
Dr. Hicks
September 11, 2017
RC200A Writing Analytically

My Kairos Experience

When I was little, the religious life never interested me. I thought it was only for older women who were always kind, never sinned and had a lot of time to go to church for 2 hours every Sunday. Yes, I thought it was 2 hours because when I had to go to church, it felt like I wasted half of my day. Now, I have changed my perspective and see my religion as the best thing that’s ever happened to me! The church is for everyone that wants to listen to the work of God.
In 2012 from August to May, every Sunday, I had my First Communion classes. I thought it was going to be terrible because I wasn’t very into it. I was right. I was bullied for a few
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It was a Friday that day and I remember getting a text from my mother saying that once I get picked up from school, I need to start packing. I was very confused and had thought about how it might be a surprise vacation to Disneyland. I was extremely surprised to find out, I was going on a retreat for Confirmation. I wanted to scream and run away so I didn’t have to go. My mother forced me to pack everything I need and I ended up going to the church where the buses were, but I was very moody. She explained to me how my God-Mother signed me up and how she payed a lot for me to go. I felt bad for not wanting to go but I did it for …show more content…
This tree was very tall and at first I thought we were going to pass under the tree. Unfortunately, we had to climb over it without touching either of the trees on the side holding the fat tree branch in the middle. This was when teamwork came in. A group of tall guys decided to send up one tall guy over and he jumped down. Then, they sent another guy to help the people climbing over, note that only two people can be sitting on the branch. After that, the rest of the tall guys would get people and help them up, the guy sitting down would pull others up and onto the branch and the guy on the other side would catch. It’s actually much harder than it seems. That was the first challenge of the three day retreat and we accomplished it. Long story short, that weekend made me realize so much more that I never knew before. I was stupid to not realize this before, but God is for everyone. From that moment, I wanted to know more, I had motivation to go to confirmation classes and most importantly, I felt the love of

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