Analysis: Bowfinger

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Hamse Mohamed
Media Communication
BowFinger is a movie that sets out to give the audience a good laugh and to also dispel the rumors about the Hollywood life styles. Steve Martin does this by showing us how a movie gets produced and how difficult and time consuming it can be. He also shows us how ridiculous and out of control it can get. This movies job was to entertain us and even though it started off slow and I barely laughed at the beginning when things started to move I was having a good time. BowFinger is a good movie that is very original with comedy with great characters and an excellent plot.
The main character Bobby Bow finger played by Steve Martin is extremely eager to direct a film and gain recognition as a talented film producer. He’s a fast talking, very sneaky and determined person who wants to accomplish his dream of being recognized in Hollywood. At the beginning of the film he takes advantage of his friends and co-workers so that he can make his movie but as things go on he shows how much he cares about them and how important they are to him. Steve Martin is an excellent actor when I was watching this movie I didn’t see Steve Martin playing as someone and that takes a lot of talent to be able to perform like that. Also, he directed the actual movie BowFinger while
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It was an old fact that actresses would sleep with directors o get a part of the movie but in BowFinger it taken to an outrageous level where she sleeps with a lesbian by the end of the movie. The illegal immigrants were also interesting seeing how they first introduced and by the end of the movie they already understand the inner working of Hollywood. Finally there’s Terry Stricter the president of Mind Head he was the antagonist of the film that represented the corporate greed and the ridiculous schemes they used to rob people and take advantage of

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