Film Review: Cinderella Man And The Great Depression

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Cinderella Man tells the rags to riches story of boxer James J. Braddock who battled his way through the Great Depression. Nearing the end of the roaring 20s Braddock’s career was just taking off and things were looking good for his young family of five. From the very beginning you can tell just how important his young wife Mae and their three children are to Braddock. He realized just how blessed he was to have them and how lucky he was to be able to provide for them. Once the depression hit, his luck seemed to run out. After suffering an injury and being forced to turn to the docks for work it looked like Braddock’s family would never make their way out of the red. However, when offered one last fight Braddock beats all odds and wins. One fight lead to another and Braddock’s life had really turned into a Cinderella story. …show more content…
From the moment Braddock returned home to his family I was emotionally involved in his story. He wasn’t just fighting for the money. He was fighting for his family and he had everything to lose. Now, I admit, all of the boxing in the movie was a bit much for me. I could stand not seeing slow motion spit flying from another person’s mouth. Also, Cinderella Man isn’t all fairytale. Set during the depression, this movie offers a look into the harsh reality of the world at that time. Braddock was very obviously not the only one struggling during this time but the movie shines a light on his unique

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