The Greatest Showman Analysis

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The Greatest showman - Synopsis and some thoughts about it.

I hope you enjoy it. The Greatest showman takes place in New York city and tells the story of P.T. Barnum who grew up as a poor boy and one day founded a circus with very bizarre attractions. He brought up the concept of entertainment even though the show was made with a lot of fake sideshows. Moreover, he had all the support of his wife, who was a childhood love, and his two daughters. There were many conflicts through the movie and they were all very well developed once the scenes and movie progression didn’t fail to amaze almost everyone who watched it. The characters were amazingly built besides the fact that they were quite charismatics. The barnum’s family was under the movie spotlight, but there
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It is all about charity’s loyalty to P.T. and how much she and their daughters missed him. Honesty, I was a little bit sad to see that she lived for a while without the one she had been sharing her life so far. “Never enough reprise” is the exactly moment when Jenny realizes P.T. would never love her back the same way she did. She had fame and fortune, but it would never be enough for her without his love. “From now on” is the last song from “The greatest showman”. We can see that P.T. finally understood that he does not need to go after fame, fortune and high social class acceptation just to give the life he promised to her wife. His circus and family was everything he ever wants and everything he ever needs and it was there right in front of him. From that moment on he decided to be a new man. Then all the problems presented so far in the movie were solved. The greatest showman is an extraordinary movie which has many different and important messages related to tolerance, acceptation, respect, loyalty, self-knowledge, love above everything, dreams and so forth. Furthermore, the movie enchanted millions of people with its songs and

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