An Unforgettable Interview With Jacob Jackson

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I made an unforgettable interview with Jacob Jackson, a teacher in University high School as we had planned before. During the interview, we talked about his professional life as a high school teacher, especially about the terms of ethics, teamwork, and happiness.
As for me, I dream of being a high school teacher after my graduation and the interview helped me a lot. The interview gave me some useful directions in my following career.
Our meeting took place in his office. His office is on the third floor , and the desk is well organized with a computer and some piles of paper , several books, notebooks, a calendar recording some teaching plans , and there are some other teacher’ desks beside him. In my way, I admire a high school teacher
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“For a qualified teacher, he must have a comprehensive consideration about his plans about the future and the specific career plan. It is the main point. Then I will make an adjustment between the occupational development and family development, in this way, I can change the roles between work and family rapidly and reasonably to control the conflict within a reasonable range. More importantly, my wife is always in favor of me and assists me with good suggestions and encouragements. Thanks to her understanding, I can realize my values as a good teacher and make a good balance between my work and …show more content…
As a teacher, we should have the consciousness of team cooperation. It matters not only in the relationship with the colleagues but also with the students. Definitely, teamwork lies in every aspect in every lesson. With our joint efforts, we can achieve an interactive lesson and make the students learn fast in the process of obtaining good knowledge. Considering all above, the better course of good business is to have a deep understanding between the relationship of teachers and students. They get along well with each other and both make efforts for a clear objective, then a good business in teaching process will

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