The Importance Of The Relationship Between Students And Students

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Studying is an activity carried out by some people with enthusiasm and dedication while for others it is an activity that it is not worth it and boring. In this they affect several factors that are closely related to that activity. At one stage of life, it is compulsory to attend school to study, in another it is optional, although closely related to the need to ensure a good future. Generally there are great expectations in every young person to start to study at College. It is a new stage of life in which hopes that all your expectations are met, but unfortunately soon realizes that some of their expectations are far from reality. There are three aspects related to the teacher, which are frustrating for many young people in College, is …show more content…
These aforementioned aspects are basically related to the teacher and the duties as agent effective teaching-learning process and in most cases are the cause of disappointments suffered by young people to reach College.
The teacher is a person who is dedicated to teaching either general or specialized nature in an area of knowledge. It is responsible for the transmission of technical values and general or specific knowledge of the subject they teach. This transmission is linked to relationships and the environment in which it develops. Because of its functions should logically be a close relationship between teachers and students. The teacher should act as a facilitator, guide and nexus between knowledge and students, achieving a process of interaction. However many students report having teachers who remain distant, regardless of their needs not only as a student, but as a human being, feeling the lack of
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Motivation involves internal states that direct the body towards certain goals or purposes; are the impulses that move the person to perform certain actions and persist in them for completion. The teacher is seen as the main culprit in pique the interest of students, to help them assess not only the raison d 'etre of education they are receiving, but also the meaning for the life of what they are learning. However, students report that they usually do not see in their teachers the commitment, dedication and passion that could motivate studies

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