An Online Questionnaire Screening For Stress Experienced During Childhood

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An online questionnaire screening for stress experienced during childhood was completed by ??? University of Birmingham students, sport club athletes and local residents (???males; age, M = ??.?, SD = ?.?? years) via poster, verbal and social media-based recruitment methods. In relation to childhood adversity, the ?? participants who scored highest (childhood adversity group) and the ?? who scored the lowest (control group) on the questionnaire were invited to attend a laboratory session to measure cardiovascular and cortisol reactivity to an acute psychological stress task. The mean (SD) age of the selected sample was ??.? years (?.??) and their mean (SD) body mass index (BMI) was ??.? (?.??) kg/m², with a total of ?? females (??%). No participants had a current illness/infection or were taking medication (other than the contraceptive pill) nor did any eat in the hour before, smoke or consume caffeine in the two hours, exercise vigorously in the four hours or consume alcohol in the 12 hours preceding the experimental session.

Study Design
The study firstly involved administrating a screening questionnaire to a large sample. Following this, the study followed a cross-sectional experimental design measuring cardiovascular reactivity to acute mental stress in two groups; those who scored high and those who scored low in childhood adversity. All participants were tested in the afternoon, starting at either 1400h or 1600h to ensure for a more stable…

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