Essay on An Individual 's Grades : A Reflection Of The Effort

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An individual’s grades are a reflection of the effort students dedicate to each class. There are three simple suggestions a college student needs to know to receive an A or a passing grade. The students can either decided to put in the time and work, or decided to fail. Most college students go to school to be successful. Also, students are not there to waste time or to let time waist them. These three simple suggestions are for students who are currently struggling to stay in school or get good grades. These suggestions impact the grades the student receives now, or what grade they receive in future classes. The students who decided to take a different direction in their schooling will have a greater benefit in their future. By giving these suggestions a try, it could grantee a student an overall passing grade. Acquiring passing grades in the classes students attend is important because time is not slowing down for anyone the student must keep up. In order to succeed in school an individual must attended class and be focused on the material, but also remember to study hard. Having unacceptable attendance may affect the overall grade the student receives. Grades may be affected if the students’ fails to attend. Furthermore, attendance is important, because assuming that a student misses class they are subject to losing participation points. Participation points are the kind of points which are easy to receive. In order to earn participation points…

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