An Examination Of A Speech Pathologist Essay

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After taking the strong interest inventory test my number one occupation was a speech pathologist. This really caught my attention and I thought about it more and it seemed like something I would definitely be interested in doing. I enjoy working with people and helping people, so I believe this would fit me well. I also want to get my PHD at some time and this is an occupation that can satisfy that. I went on the Butler website and saw the requirements for a CSD major and looked for classes I could observe. I found one class that was at the 400 level, but was not able to observe it, so I ended up observing a class that was at the 100 level and is a required class for the major. The class I observed is Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders. The title explains it all and this seems like a perfect class to get a feel for what I would be learning about on a higher level and just what the major is about in general.
The content of the class for the day I went was learning about red flags when trying to diagnose a child and different assessments. This would be very helpful for someone wanting to go into this career because they will definitely need to know this information. I learned about the different types of assessments and which ones were the better ones. One thing I also learned is that a child may very well pass an assessment, but when they get in their natural environment, the disorder will pop up. It is good to actually observe a child outside of…

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