An Event That Occurred Applying The Functional Assessment Model

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This week’s reflection assignment is to write about an event that occurred applying the “functional assessment model” (Cory, P. 262), Activating Event, Belief, and Emotional and Behavioral Consequence. I was searching for an activating event to explain and everything prior to the death of my daughter seems to be insignificant, and hard for me to actually remember. Therefore, after some hesitation, I choose to write about the day I was told my daughter had passed away. In addition, I will analyze the situation using the ABC’s of the Behavioral Therapy technique as described in Chapter 9 from the text book called, Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, by Gerald Cory.
The activating event, as mentioned above, for this assignment is the day I was told my daughter died. On May 26th 2015 at about 10:25 AM., two detectives knocked on my door, after they announced who they were my first thought was, what did Adreanna (my daughter) do? However, the look on their faces was troublesome as they asked if they could come in. They were very straight forward and said “your daughter died”. At that moment I felt as like I was about to pass out and they had me sit down, although I heard what they said, I did not believe them and insisted they were wrong, or had the wrong person. The detectives proceeded to ask me questions about her behavior prior and if I knew the code to her phone, they also asked me if some people could come over to help me through this. I declined the…

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