An Essay On Texting And Driving

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When You Send a Text It Could Be Your Last A truck is eradicated by a tree. The news releases the story “death by text”, a whole group of friends were killed by one fatal mistake just because of texting and driving. They all were trying to sneak out of the house and go to this party that involves alcohol. So the driver was driving on a narrow back road and the speed limit was 30 mph, she was going about 50 mph because she wasn’t paying attention. She was to busy paying attention to her friends and what they were saying and turning the music up to loud and acting bizarre. She receives a text and she tries to do two things at once while driving, she reaches down to grab her phone and picks it up and unlocks it and opens the message and tries …show more content…
Their lives could 've been spared if they didn’t text and drive. It’s important to not text and drive because you’re risking your life and probably someone else’s. If you get a text and you need to answer it then just pull over to the side of the road because if you think you won’t get hurt if you look down at your phone while driving you have another thing coming. Texting and driving takes a lot of attention off the road. So when you look down at your phone then you wasted like 5 seconds and you could be involved in an accident. Your friends and family can wait, if they really care about your safety then they’ll understand that you can’t text while driving because you could get injured or killed. You should just wait till you get to your destination to reply back or to make a call. Texting while driving should be banned because of how it can affect people in the process as of getting injured or killed. Texting while driving is a serious cause and is a fatal. In order of the fatalities in the result of texting while driving, we …show more content…
About 10% of people who are about 20 years old were involved in fatal crashes by the cause of texting while driving. Approximately 660,000 drivers are using their cell phones while driving. Five seconds is the approximate time for when you either reach for your phone, or if you look down at your phone and try and text is when something could happen and you could be involved in a crash. Texting and driving happens everywhere. It is a common thing and happens at any time. Most of the accidents are from the causes of texting while driving. The article is trying to tell people that if you honestly need to send a text that you think is extremely important to you then you need to do it by pulling off to the side of the road because what you are doing by not paying attention is you might have to end up paying a road safety violation fine, or it may end up costing you your life. Also, about 39 states and the district of Columbia have banned the activity. (“Texting While Driving Facts”). Younger people think they are invincible. They think that nothing could happen when they text and drive.

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