An Case Study I 'm Put Myself At The Shoes Of The Patient Essay

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a. For this case study I’m put myself in the shoes of the patient. I feel very frustrated because I can no longer do the things I use to be able to do. I have lost a sense of independence. I can’t do simple daily task on my own and have to depend on others and my wife. Also due to the pain I can no long move around and go places freely. I have to constantly find places to sit down because the pain. This lose of independence has put stress on my family, especially my wife. The added workload for my wife has been adversely affecting our marriage. Another loss due to this injury is my ability to give. I can no longer do work around the house so I can give to my wife or kids in the ways I use to. Not only can I not serve them but also I can’t give support financially because I can’t work. Thirdly I also am losing a sense of self worth. Since I can’t provide and help around the house I feel that I’m deadweight only holding my family back. The longer this goes on the more insignificant I feel. Another loss is time with my kids. I have two children and since I can’t play with them I feel like I’m losing precious time with them. I’m can’t be as involved in my 10 and 7 year olds’ lives. Lastly, I’ve loss much of my physical ability. I am unable to lift anything more than 5lbs. I take longer to move around because of the pain. I also can’t carry my kids or do physical chores. I will never take for granted something as simple as walking around without pain again. All these losses are…

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