An Analysis Of Writing A Literary Analysis, And An Argumentative Report

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It is my hope that while you are reading this letter, you will gain an understanding of the papers contained in this portfolio. I enclose three essays, and three reflections about the assignments that
I have summited for my writing class at Germanna Community College, English 112. The essays are: a summary report, a literary analysis, and an argumentative report. Below I present general descriptions of my writing, along with my review of my strengths and weaknesses.
My purpose on writing a summary report “How to Live 100 +” was to present a summary about a video of Dan Beuttner where he stated that social and cultural factors influence longevity. My intent was not to argue his position, but it was about to tell who the main character was and what he wanted as well as what got in his way of getting what he wanted, and then what happened.
My weakness I believe that this paper that I couldn’t not understand what Dan buenntter was trying to get apart. I had hard time trying to understand the reason for it thesis statement because even though I was writing a summary, that statement is still necessary to allow my readers to know what my summary was about. I also needed to provide a clear presentation of ideas and examples from the video to help my readers understand the main idea of the source better. Finally, some of my sentences do not use commas to separate introductory elements from the main clauses, and I needed to pay more attention to this issue because if commas are not…

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