An Alternative Service Break Coordinator Essay

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As a leader, I find that my best qualities include delegation, efficiency and intuition. Leadership positions come with great responsibilities. Trusting others to complete a task can help manage those responsibilities. Of course, I would rather do everything myself but, that is not always feasible. As an Alternative Service Break coordinator, my capability to discern when to have confidence in my co-coordinator and allow them to help will aid me in being a more effective and efficient leader. Delegating also helps to remind me that sometimes, giving others an opportunity to take on responsibility can contribute to their own personal growth. Say I am trying to figure out logistics with my co-coordinator but lunches also need to be handed out. Allowing a volunteer to step up and organize lunch gives them the opportunity to bond with their fellow volunteers and take over a small but meaningful moment of leadership while also reducing my own stress of trying to do everything at once.

A quality that goes hand-in-hand with delegating is efficiency. Not all tasks need to be completed quickly but menial details or more time-sensitive responsibilities must be done efficiently. Deliberating about whether we would rather play mafia after dinner or watch a movie can take as long as we feel necessary. However, organizing materials needed for a day of service should be accomplished in a timely fashion. As a leader, the responsibility to know when a task needs to be completed…

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