Essay on An Accountant For A Big Four Company

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My career goal is to work as an accountant for a Big Four company. The job market is expected to grow by 11% over the next 10 years. This means that there will be many job opportunities for accountants, so the competition will not be too bad. However, for larger firms, there will be a lot of competition though because everyone wants those jobs. The economy will also have a major effect on accounting jobs. If the economy continues to grow, there will be more accountants needed in order to go over financial documents. They will also have more job opportunities since there will be more money to pay the salaries of accountants (BLS, 2015).
Every state has multiple accountants, so there will be job opportunities wherever they go. For example, Massachusetts and New York have between 27,570-144,540 accountants since they are more populated states. In states like Montana and Wyoming, they have anywhere between 480-4,480 accountants since they are less populated states and have less of a need for accountants. Also, the east coast has more opportunities for accountants since the states are more populated and have more prominent firms (BLS, 2015).
Technology has helped to make accounting easier and it can now be done quicker. Computers have helped to make it easier with spreadsheets that do most of the calculations for you, and different applications that can help with accounting, like QuickBooks. With continual changes in technology, it has made accounting more efficient and less…

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