An Abandoned Place - Original Writing Essay

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An abandoned place...any would have done. Why Kaeden chose an abandoned asylum, I do not know but it is admittedly creepy. I was not really looking forward to going inside, and I wished I hadn 't agreed to do this.
"What 's wrong? Are you scared? Why are you filming already?" Kaeden 's face popped onto the screen. He was all grins, but his face was flushed red and he was panting. We 'd waited until the sun started to set before making the hike back to the old hospital, ignoring the posted signs and climbing right over the chain link fence.
"We don 't want everyone to know where we are man, this is probably illegal."
"They 'll know anyway from the video..."
"Not from the inside! I bet no one 's seen the inside in like fifty years."
"Did you say illegal?" Selina called from behind us. "I don 't want to get arrested!"
"Too late, you agreed to come already. We won 't get caught, I promise."
"Make him turn the camera off!" She pointed at me.
"Fine, I 'll delete this later."

"Here 's the plan," Kaeden had said. "I want to do something really good in a know to post online or something."
Or something. Kaeden loved film and making videos. He probably thought he could get famous by posting his work in the internet. He had talent sure, but he was lacking in content.
"What I 'm thinking is we do something kind of ghost hunter, found footage shit. You know what I mean? You 've seen those movies right?"
"Um, no..."
"Are you serious? Man, where have you been? Don 't you go…

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