Mara Shakira's Suicide

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Shakira woke me up the next morning, and not the singer Shakira. No, it was a girl with curly blonde hair, nude matte lips, and brown eyes laced with so much mascara that they looked like cricket legs. Her name is Mara Shakira, after the celebrity, which is why she insists on everyone calling her so. She came at around noon, give or take when the rest of us were still snoring from our escapade the night before.

Surprisingly, once the nuns found out it was Dahlia, and her little group, who initiated the welcome they didn't even lift a finger. They simply squinted their eyes at us menacingly, trying to keep straight with the Lord. Dahlia told me not to worry since I was under her wing, though, she did warn me to expect a rather icy treatment
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She swiveled back to her bed defeated by the denial before saying, "whatever, Mara does not have time for petty boys."

While they were laughing I had sneaked the retainer out of my mouth making sure there was no drool dripping from my chin. Once I was sure that I was safe from embarrassment I pulled the bed sheet down, that covered my little secret, to find that Zacaria had been intently gazing at me. He wiggled his perfectly trimmed brows, signaling that he knew something I didn't.

"Soo..." he said, as he plopped down on my bed."Wacha, ya take home last night?"

My brows furred not fully comprehending what he meant. Then he rolled himself off of the bed, ducked underneath it and retrieved the satchel I brought to the party the night before. He swung it before me like pendulum compelling me to remember the wild night that just happened.

"Now you remember," he said smiling, "I saw you take some kind of book as we raised hell from its depths. You should have seen your face. It was like watching a movie scene, wind blowing, and your potato colored eyes gazing at it with such intensity... Damn, you're awakening the Shakespeare in me."

I laughed. "I do remember. I found it at the shack, it was on this box that was somehow under a pile of ancient

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