Amy's Drive Thru: The Fast Food Industry

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Kevin Ratz
Prof. Kim
Marketing Research
Out of Class Assignment 1
Firm Analysis
Firm: Amy's Drive Thru (Owned by Amy's Kitchen)
Industry Overview: The fast food industry began in 1951 with the introduction of, the most popular fast food chain to date, McDonalds. Since then the industry has become international with a current revenue of $570 billion USD. But, majority of its revenue is generated within the United States. The United States contributes $245.4 billion USD to that overall revenue with 208,210 businesses. Here on out we will focus on the domestic market of the fast food industry. The main leaders within this industry include McDonald's (15.2% of Market), Subway (4.6% of Market), and Yum! Brands Inc. (8.4% of Market). Over
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This has brought a great amount of brand awareness. Supposedly, they have sold half a million veggie burgers in their first year, and sell about 525% more shakes each day than originally projected. This proves that this business has an immense amount of potential. Their financial and sales information is currently unknown. It is known that Amy's Kitchen's revenue is roughly $500 million USD. The new restaurant opened by Amy's Kitchen has potential.
SWOT Analysis:
Innovation: The company is a pioneer and can capitalize on the health based innovation it is bringing forth to the fast food industry.
Building Awareness: Over the past year Amy's Drive Thru has blown up in the media. With multiple news outlets covering them brings awareness and interest their way. This has the capability to pull in customers and generate a greater demand.
Already Established: Amy's Kitchen has been a name in the food industry since 1988 and has a currently a revenue of $500 Million. Having the money to expand their organic company proves that they must have money to open more restaurants and manufacturing facilities across
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This makes the fast food scarce and difficult to get to if not within the area.
Menu Limitations: Although it is great that their menu is all vegetarian, There is only a fraction of American's who are vegetarian. Meaning the fast food restaurant only appeals to a fraction of the population.
Operating Facilities: Amy's Kitchen only has three operating facilities on the West and Midwest. This means more money will have to be spent to open a operating facility in the East and possibly Southeast. Before they can operate nationwide there will need to be operating facilities that are convenient and require the least timely amount of travel to ship materials and supplies to the restaurant.

Organic, Natural, Consumption Rising: Rising awareness of chemicals and antibacterias used in fast food is causing people to become more hesitant to eat unhealthy foods. Cancer, obesity, and heart diseases are the leading causes of death in this country and can be preventable through a change in a diet. That possibly means a more organic and natural diet without genetically modified organisms, preservatives, and

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