Amy's Bread Swot Analysis

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Amy’s Bread Assignment Ian Young
Swot Analysis
Strengths- Amy’s bread company has many strengths in the business. First of all Amy is a hard and dedicated bread maker, she started this company because bread made her feel like she was a child again and she loved it so much. This means she had passion for her business which is undeniably one of the best things a business owner can have. Without passion a company might not survive the bad times or hard times. A company needs a owner who cares about the business a lot so that the quality of the product is superb and so that the owner does not quit, so Amy is a great owner in
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Weaknesses- Amy’s Bread does have some weaknesses within the company, one weakness is the staffing situation. Amy puts a lot of pressure on herself because she wants to make sure that everything is done perfectly which is a good thing, but with this being said she doesn’t have a lot of employees which leads to Amy doing a lot of the work which lead to her being stressed out and tired most of the time. It is good that Amy cares about her company but she should find more workers that do to so they can take off of Amy’s workload. Another weakness is how small the company and the space is, the shop is super tiny and they don’t have another production within the space so there is a lot of back orders which leads to unhappy customers which can lead to a failing company. Amy also talked about how she doesn’t even make a huge profit because bread is so cheap, for how much time she is putting in she should be making more money. Finally another weakness is the financials of her company, she talked about how she might not even have enough money to expand her company which could hurt her in the long …show more content…
Expanding a business is a very scary thing for a owner but it usually always helps your company. When they expand they will be able to make more bread which will get rid of their backorders and please more customers. Also with expansion it will help you promote your business to more people which can make your company more popular and you can eventually make more money. Another opportunity is to hire more workers, the article talked about how Amy’s employees are great and love working there because she is so good to them. This means with a bigger spot she can hire more people which can lead to more

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