Essay on Amy's Bread Case Study

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Amy’s Bread
Case Study Elements

1.) The primary case participants are: Amy Scherber, owner of Amy’s Bread
Toy Kim Dupree – manager of Amy’s Bread who is very involved in day to day operations and decision making. 2.) The organization is Amy’s bread. The industry is baked goods. 3.) The problems facing this organization in order of importance are: the existing workload is too great for space making product expansion impossible. They are at a threat of having customers turn away if they cannot provide the service. The location offers poor access to distribution and is a poor location for retail traffic should the organization try to move more toward sector. The employees face physically demanding challenges from the
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Success can depend highly on having a desirable location. External factors such as air quality can affect the quality of the product and low unemployment rates can result in a shortage of staff. The most industry-specific characteristic that contributed to the problems was that success can be driven on the location of the business, and the current one is not very desirable.

7.) The sources and methods that are being employed to differentiate the organization from competitors are: the bread making techniques - the bakery hand-makes every loaf of bread using only high quality ingredients and a well-trained staff. The bakery has strong management and employees who are dedicated to their work and are rewarded for their efforts. In general, this bakery pays more than its competitors resulting in a low turnover rate. They have a wonderful reputation for an outstanding quality product that is produced by hand and by a proud staff.

8.) The possible solutions to the identified problems are first and foremost to move to a space that will allow room for expansion allowing for more equipment, and people, so that existing and future customers can be serviced with the quality product that the bakery has become known for. Also, to find facility that will be easily accessible for wholesale traffic with good access to major streets and have an ample truck dock for loading and unloading. The location should also be desirable location that will

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