Essay on America Is Not Giving The Education

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1. Moore made a connection of America by giving a group of 556 seniors at 55 universities a multiple choice test consisting of questions in a high school level. However, only 34 questions were asked, but only top students could only answer 53 percent of them correctly. These questions were asked in the top 10 universities which shocked me knowing that America is not giving the education we deserve. Moore wants to show if anyone can take a test and pass it like political leaders, congressman, or representative. Moore wants to let the reader’s to see that political leaders do not know everything they are not educated enough.
2. The memories I had in elementary and high school were not so bad. Some teachers teach because they have a passion for it, but others do it for the money. I struggled throughout my elementary years because I had just moved here from Armenia. I wished my teachers were hard and expected more becase that’s the only way I would learn faster. I had high school teachers that were strict which made me understand the material better. Moore’s stated that in the hallways he sees students with confused faces on. I experienced that in after I had my geometry class because I didn’t understand what the teacher was teaching. I agree what Moore has to say toward schools and schooling since the districts expectations are low for students. Students need to be in a safe environment when there at school. Need budgets to go to teachers not to libraries. Improving student’s…

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