Alternative Lifestyle in Society Essay

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For the centuries of mankind's existence, there have always been people in the population that are attracted to the same sex. That does not mean, however, that anybody with these types of feelings in times before ever told other people about it or felt like being open about it. It was looked upon as a burden and a fault, even a curse among society. It wasn't even until the 1900s that any kind of movements for the homosexual community even started. When you sit back and think about the kind of embarrassment and torment that being gay brings you from society, you start to see why nobody spoke about it in the earlier days. For the record, I am personally not gay, but have gay friends and understand what that might be like to go through. …show more content…
Some may put forward arguments that being gay is immoral, that it is illegal, that it is a sin against nature and violation of God’s law and, some people consider homosexual variety as a proof that Satan exists. Some homophobics attribute homosexual behavior as close to lying and stealing and support the idea that gays and lesbians deserve to suffer. “Gay-bashing is real. Homosexuals are routinely injured or murdered every day, all over the world, by people who fear or hate their version of human sexuality.”(Nickel 532) But as was mentioned above, the medical studies confirm that being gay is not a matter of choice or preference, but a deviation from normal sexuality, which lays in genes and hardly can be changed. Given a choice many would have preferred not to be homosexual. It is hard to imagine the somebody would voluntary give up all the privileges of being straight and subject himself to harassment, discrimination, assaults and torment. Some argue that the homosexual act is unnatural since it is not with the majority. Others express their concern that by granting homosexuals rights we will give our blessing to other forms of sexual perversions such as pedophillia. It is important to know that pedophillia is not necessarilly a homosexual act. Secondly, it is immoral and unlawful because one of the partners in this case is a child or a teenager who more often than not has no other choice than to yield to the power of the adult. “The power imbalance between

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