Alex Pettes At Tfi Food Equipment Solution Case Study

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Synopsis of the case
This case is based on the issues faced by TFI Food Equipment Solutions. Alex Pettes, who is the new president of privately owned industrial distributor (TFI). TFI is renowned supplier in Ontario and its head office is in Brampton. Alex is concerned about the national market for two new product lines; revolver by one-shot corporation and French fry machine by R-O International’s automatic respectively. Apart from this, the new products are manufactured outside Canada and he is worried about the distribution of these products.
There are some new prospects for TFI for reducing the threats by introducing the new products in Canada. Alex has some list of tactics for solving the company concerns. Alex is bothered about the decline of sales
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Ans. TFI is a well-established firm base on Brampton who gathered name as industrial supplier. Comparing the sales growth potential between the year 2005 and 2006 their turnover was decreasing for a certain extent. The major threat which is facing by Alex is regarding the conquering of the national market for their new product line that is Revolver system (machine) and automatic French fry vending machine and the change in policy which was put forward by their major distributor from US.
Alex wants to create a national market for TFI’s two upcoming products; Revolver and French fry machine in Canada. The products are manufactured outside of Canada that is why, he is worried about the distribution of the products.
Q.2 How could Alex Pettes reduce this threat?
Ans. Alex can reduce this to a certain extent with the help of adopting certain policy like;
• Implementing dual distribution system.
For the distribution of the product s with other territories.TFI can create a contract between the supplies who have access to the region which TFI not started the business.
• Managing sales force

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