Alcohol Among Young Teenagers

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Every year alcohol is being consumed by young teenagers. Alcohol is not being seen as a bad decision they rather see it as pure satisfaction. Alcohol is being advertised everywhere. Sooner or later teenagers are bound to use it. Alcohol can quickly lead to the horrifying world of addiction not only that, but it could also destroy many lives. Just drinking a few beers could lead to someone to become an alcoholic at a very young age. If someone becomes an alcoholic their whole world could fall apart in a blink of an eye.
Young teenagers have free time every day, and during that time instead of doing something productive such as studying or working they decide to gather around with friends, and drink for a few hours. Even if they promise themselves
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514.). Before they leave their house they know that they 'll end up drinking more than one no matter what. For many young teenagers this sounds fun and exciting, but teenagers never think about the consequences of drinking too much alcohol. …show more content…
Sharyn Burns, from the University of Curtin, and her colleagues state, “Colleges and Universities have been identified as a particularly high risk period for a range compromising behaviors, including excessive alcohol consumption” (Burns, et al. 2). Around colleges they are many bars, students are able to consume their drink right before a class or after a class. Having a bar near the schools makes many students tempted about drinking. Many can say no to the temptation so they decide to drink even though that’s not the best choice. The community is also setting a bad example for the young teenagers. Thanks to this students are not able to think properly because they have alcohol in their system. Why do young teenagers drink when they have the chance to become someone in life. It is also very common for Latino teenagers to drink at family parties. Many parents still allow it even though it is illegal, because they believe it is a way to be closer with

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