Air France Ad Analysis

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The two ads that will be discussed in this exercise were both pulled from a recent issue of Fortune magazine. Fortune mgazine is one of the many professional business magazines available for purchase and subscriptions. This magazine delivers relevant business information and articles about lifestyle choices regarding the business world. This national business magazine is open for anyone to purchase, but its main target audience is wealthy individuals in the finance industry. Although people outside of the financial industry are attracted to the magazine, it provides more articles that are relevant to individuals in the finance are and/or individuals who have achieved success in their careers, which has resulted in the acquisition of a substantial amount of money. The first ad I will discuss is the Air France ad, then I will analyze the Patek Philippe ad. …show more content…
The ad portrays flying with Air France as being in a palace. All of the aspects of this article promote a flight of luxury and comfort. Although the ad gets its purpose across, the women in the ad is portrayed as delicate object. In Sut Jhally’s Codes of Gender video, the difference in the portrayal of men and women in ads is discussed. Jhally discusses how men and women are portrayed differently in ads by society. This Air France follows Jhally’s discussion on the portrayal of women as delicate, powerless, and carefree. The woman in the ad is also touching herself, which is an aspect of Jhally’s analysis on the different ways ads help make women appear more feminine and less powerful. This woman is also laying down, which promotes Jhally’s observation that women are portrayed as helpless (Jhally,

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