Aflac Case Study L. L Bean

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1.The internal strengths and weaknesses your team identified and how t

company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective.

Aflac was struggling with retention and responded through increased

communication of the value of employment with the company. The company put

in place HR programs with clearly defined, measurable outcomes and assessed

employee opinions through comprehensive surveys.

L.L.Bean was struggling with the changing industrial landscape in several

areas, including technology and the Internet. Its response was to improve

the company’s existing strength—its employees—by rewarding performance,

increasing opportunities for advancement and enhancing employee service levels.

How the company uses its own products
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As a

result, this may be a good opportunity to discuss corporate responsibility to

employees in particular and society in general.

It is also important to note that employee demographics play an important role in

creating benefits packages that will enhance employee performance or retention.

Families with children may enjoy company-sponsored health care; however,

younger workers may prefer additional time off. Depending on the demographic

composition of the student group, answers will vary and may include how

an organization’s benefits enhance their quality of life and quality of their

employment with the organization.

At L.L.Bean, a passion for the outdoors drives many of the company practices.

The company maintains an employee-use room that houses outdoor equipment

such as kayaks and hiking gear for employees and retirees to use free of charge.

This fringe benefit also enhances total quality because employees are encouraged

to provide feedback on how the products hold up to their designated use. It

is a regular practice for teams of employees to take adventure days together.

This practice serves as both a team-building effort and an opportunity to make

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