Textual Analysis Of Coca Cola

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Advertising is known for the activity of commodity for commercials and magazine products as well as services. Companies uses commercials, magazines and billboards as a gateway to attract their intended audience. Nevertheless, they also use them to inform the public of the new product being sold which they claim to be beneficial. When companies publicize their product it captivate their audience because of their use of appeals. Using appeals the customers would have no other choice but to purchase the product because it’s a type of brainwashing created in the advertisement. Successful companies have knowledge on the personal insecurities, not specific, but categorize that their product targets towards which helps them depict between the audience …show more content…
The image they sell is called mirrors and windows; it’s trained, but accepted as natural feeling and desire to be acceptable socially, mentally as well as physically. Coca Cola uses physical attraction, sex, happiness, nurture and refreshments manipulate its audience that purchasing this product will bring some kind of achievement which is presented in the advertisement and that is what makes the ad effective as well as the company successfully.

The Coca Cola company is known for it’s product Coca-Cola which was invented in 1886. The product was created by Pharmacist John Pemberton in Columbus, Georgia. Coca Cola’s formula was purchased in 1889 by Asa Griggs Candler. She incorporated the Coca Cola company in 1892 . According to Beverage Digest, coca-cola controls forty-two percent of the total carbonated soft drink market, compared with Pepsi thirty percent. Beverage Digest is an authoritative source which provides news, trends and industry data using a full range of brands involving soft drinks as well as emerging functional drinks. Companies controls the massage regulations like the brand name, logo, slogans and symbols associated with the image and ideas. In the ad
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When the audience view the person in the ad, they are able to create inferences about his or her personality. Many of the companies believe that beauty suppose to sell successfully. The use of nurture creates an emotional relationship between the product and the audience which provide them with an urge to purchase the product. Also, the use of happiness creates an even stronger urge for the audience to feel obligated to purchase the product being advertised. Coca cola uses, the use of appeals to create their advertising by using the product. There are many advertisements that Coca Cola creates that’s as effective as this one and that’s what make the company successful. They present an image to their audience that supposedly shows their concern about their needs and desire as important as the product. Every company has the opportunity to create an effective advertisement only if they take the time out to get to know their frequent customers by watching closely on the product they

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