Essay on Advertising As A Form Of Marketing Communication

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Advertising: Advertising can be defined as a form of marketing communication which is generally one way that is used to promote or sell a product or service. Advertising helps in informing potential customers about products and services and influences their attitudes, beliefs resulting in purchases. Serious or dramatic advertisements are effective in changing consumer’s negative attitudes.

Major types of Advertising Media:
1. Newspapers: Newspaper advertising has been around longer as compared to any other form of advertising. They are a good way to reach a large amount of people, especially those people aged 45 years and above. An average issue of a daily newspaper reaches more audience as compared to average hour of prime time television.

• It offers geographic selection and flexibility
• The advertiser is not bounded by long term commitments and can have short term contracts with the newspaper.
• Newspapers have year round readership
• It has high individual market coverage
• Newspaper has co-op and local tie in availability
• It has a very short lead time.
• With newspaper advertising, you can schedule an advertising campaign along with your selling cycle.

• Demographic selection is not high.
• Limited color capabilities
• It has low pass along rate
• It may be expensive.

2. Magazines: Magazine advertising refers to placing ads in publications. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools available and if done properly can increase sales…

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