Essay on Advertising And Its Effect On The Customer And Win

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Boush et al. (2011) suggests that “consumers and marketers engage in what is best thought of as adversarial cooperation” (p.3). The earliest signs of advertisement bases on a 3000-year-old Babylonian tablet. Until the 20th century, advertising was used to provide information of a products performance, use, price, and advantages. The main aim of advertising was to leave positive effect on the customer and win them over (Al-Jeraisy, 2008).
However as the technology progressed and competition increased, it started to become harder to differentiate products (O’Sullivan, 2011) and attract customers. Today advertisements can be found everywhere: on sidewalks, buildings, buses, malls, television, radio, etc. (Klein, 2000). As a result of this rapid change advertisers started to look for new ways to present their products.
Advertisers realised that advertising is the simplest tool to share and communicate their thoughts with public (Al-Jeraisy, 2008). In 1908, Walter Dill Scott suggested that if advertisers can figure out a way to convince public to buy their product once, they can create a habit to use that product with the repetition of their advertisements.
In the following years advertisers found a way to achieve this. They recognized that if they can create a positive image in customers’ minds, by presenting the real character of the product less but by using product imagery more, they can differentiate their products (Management Study Guide, 2014). This resulted…

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