Essay on Advertising Analysis : Advertising And Advertising

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The video titled What is Clutter very simply explains exactly what advertising clutter is, how it has become overwhelming for people, and how people are becoming immune to it. Advertising is in every corner of our society, from television commercials, magazine advertisements, billboards on busses, trains and taxi cabs and even in the cup on a golf course. Companies are struggling to outdo each other; the more ads they create, the more they have to create to reach us in a society that is already inundated with them. In the past, advertisements would demonstrate how one product was better than another by using words such as better, faster, whiter, etc., and were focused on showing us what the product could do to solve a problem we were facing. In contrast, beginning in the 1990s, ads became more focused on what the product means and how it makes us feel. Ads are now more centered on the person making the commercial instead of the product being advertised. The producers of commercials and writers of print ads are determined to make more money or win awards instead of developing ads that make us want to buy a product. The What is Clutter video is a combination of interviews and samples of commercials from the past and present. It demonstrates how our society is overwhelmed by advertisements that show up in every facet of our daily lives. The video is very well put together, with good examples of current and older television commercials, without being overly dramatic or…

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