Advertisement : The New Ad Game Essay

1147 Words Oct 10th, 2015 null Page
In this colorful the 21 century, advertisements are appear everywhere such as TV, newspaper, and sometime even in the school textbook. Most of the advertisements are try to be show up on the most crowed place that has tons people will saw it, because the main purpose of the advertisement is to let as much people as possible to understand about their products in the ad. In addition game company have the bran new field of advertisement due to the increment of player annually and the rise of the technology. Jessica Ramirez had wrote an article called “The New Ad Game” that had clear expression had detailedly cover every area and even the gaps, and every word that he used is landing on the key position.
In the article “The New ad game” it introduce the background of the advertisement in the game and detailedly included all the data such as amount of player, gender of the player, and the age of the player. Moreover, how to use those valuable information is another important step for an successful advertisement, include using of the demographics and technology. In another hand, lack of technology that had slows down the process of advertisement in the game because back in that time the game CD are stand alone in individual without the connection to the out side world. Since human had so many great achievement in the technology, all those difficult problem were solved. and the prefect solution for this problem. At last, the future of advertisement in the game are very wide and…

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