Advertisement And The Language Of Advertising By Charles O ' Neill

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Advertising is what society is made up of in today’s world. If one would look to their left and look to their right there is a very high chance they will see an advertisement of some sort. Whether the advertisement is a poster on the wall or a logo on someone’s clothing. It is everywhere. The viewer’s eyes can be fooled when looking at the advertisement or even persuaded to purchase such an item. People and consumers are usually very clueless when looking at advertisements. Advertisers know the fact that people and consumers do not know exactly what they are looking at and they take total advantage of that fact. The articles “With These Words I Can Sell You Anything” by William Lutz and “The Language of Advertising” by Charles O’Neill explains the use of advertisement and the effect on the target audience. These articles express the author’s opinions on the topic of advertising through their credibility, diction, and tone.
Advertising is the key point to both of these articles. In the article by William Lutz, “With These Words I Can Sell You Anything” Lutz talks about how advertisers use their knowledge on how to play with words to get people to buy their products or use their services. He says that a lot of the different words that advertisers use have different meanings than what the viewers are used to. They do this to play with the viewer’s mind and eyes. Obviously they do this as a trick to make money. He says that it is the viewer’s job to figure out what the…

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