Advantages Of The Executive Branch Of Government

The executive branch of the government is home to the president of the united states.The president is the head of the executive branch. He or she can serve a limit of two terms lasting 4 years each as stated by the 22nd amendment. After the first term, the president has to campaign again and win in order to serve a 2nd term. The requirements to run for president is to be at least 35 years or older and have resided in the United State for the last 14 years. Their is no educational requirement to be president of the United states. The president must also be a natural born citizen. The last point sparked controversy when Barack Obama was running for president in 2008. However this branch also includes many other departments and agencies such as the president’s cabinet members, and other departments.Originally, there were four cabinet positions created by President George Washington. Today there are about 15 different cabinet member positions.
The main responsibility of the president is to enforce the
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The House of Representatives is lead by the speaker of the house. The speaker of the house has the power to decide which legislation is voted on. The term limit for a senator is 6 years while the term for a house member is 2 years however there are no limits as to how many times a senator or a house member can get reelected. Requirements to run for senator are you must live in the state you wish to become senator, be at least 30 years old, be a united states citizen, and have lived in the united states 9 years or more.
The requirements to become a house member are, you must be at least 25 years or older, live in the state you wish to represent, be a united states citizen, and have lived in the US for 7 years or more. One thing that is important to notice for both these fields is that their are no educational requirements in order to be qualified for these

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