Social Media In The Workplace

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What is Social Media in the Workplace?
Social media is the latest form of expression in our web based society. It’s a form for friends and families to interact with each other and keep in contact in this technology fueled world. These sites can be used on smart phones, PC’s, laptops, tablets and all easily accessed in the workplace within our 8 hour plus workday.
Communication can be severely affected amongst employees and their managers. Although innovative in promoting and attaining new business but also affecting companies reputations, beliefs and cultures if not monitored by upper management. It is great for networking but how much time being spent on such sites as Facebook, Snap Chat, and Instagram, just to name a few, is taking away
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As with everything in life, social media in the workplace has some advantages and it also has some disadvantage. The biggest advantage in allowing social media in the workplace is the networking capabilities. Social media has no boundaries, it is limitless. You can connect with anyone, anywhere around the world and at any time, that has an internet connection and is on the same social media platform that you are on. Through social networking, employees, and even employers, are able to tap into the resources that otherwise would not be available to them without social media. Another advantage in allowing social media in the workplace is the ability to reach an enormous audience at a low cost. The same as you are able to reach anyone in the world by social networking, you can market yourself to anyone with an internet connection which allows you to increase brand awareness and sales. The two biggest disadvantages to social media in the workplace is lack of productivity of employees and security concerns. Employees are often distracted by social media on their work computers or cell phones. Having such a high amount of accessibility to content, whether on their cellphones or on their work computers, can lead to employees being less productive than those without access to social media. With that being said, “recent studies have shown that social media interaction …show more content…
Human Resource managers can post open positions on all the corporation’s social media sites, containing links to the listings on the corporation’s website. This allows the company to receive the notice out to the public when open positions become accessible for aspirants to apply. Moreover, companies seeing more effective by using social media to recruit new personnel as they can browse the social media sites of possible aspirants to decide if the applicant will fit in with the company

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