Advantages Of A Tall Organizational Structure

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A tall organizational structure will affect the employer or those higher up on the chain of command. It can make it really hard to communicate with another location or section. Its hard to make an idea known and implicate it. It can also be hard for everyone to know everything that 's going on or if something changed. In reality it just lacks communication and efficiancy which can affect employees and make people frazzled from uncertainty.
When a company has a tall organizational structure you don 't necessarily need to change it though it may need to be altered slightly to benefit the company. It will probably take a while to settle in and get used to it. Make sure there is communication going on between the different managers. As the company
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It can be a problem for employers because they may have to invest in a person to do the job or pay for long distant calls or transportation however it can be beneficial because there will be communication and in the long run that will assist the company. It can allow an employee to be educated on what 's going though and benefit the company which could benefit the employee later on.
An autocratic leadershp style is also similar to a military and having one in a company can make employees feel insignificant and powerless. When there 's one person in charge who makes all the decisions there 's no one there to overlook, support and approve actions. Expecially when there 's such a large company it is nice to have someone behind to help out and make sure all rules, protocols and separate places are doing what they need to properly. It also helps if it 's not up to just one person so it 's not as heavy as a work load and the bourdens not so substantial.
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It makes the employees feel unimportant and exasperated. The employees may not have a say what 's going on in the company and everyone wants to have some sort of power or people aren 't going to want to work for the company. If employees feel provoked enough they will express it to the employers or simply quite affecting the employer and leaving them in a predicament.
Having an autocratic leadership may or may not work out depending on the individual company. However definitely don’t make the employees feel like their insignificant by making it feel like a military whether that 's done by asking for their opinions or simply by treating all employees with respect. Have annual surveys where you ask the employees questions and leave an open part for suggestions or comments and take them into consideration. Especially as the company expands it may want to have more then one person in charge to oversee everything and make sure everything is running

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