Advantages And Disadvantages Of Management Information System

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Register to read the introduction… Transactions recorded in a TPS are analysed and reported by an MIS. They have large quantities of input data and they produce summary reports as outputs. MIS reports tend to be used by middle management and operational supervisors. An example is an annual budgeting system. A management information system ("MIS") is mainly concerned with internal sources of information.

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For support of semi structured and unstructured decisions (structured decisions can be automated). This system is used for analytical work, rather than general office support. They are flexible, adaptable and quick. The user controls inputs and outputs. They support the decision process and often are sophisticated modelling tools so managers can make simulations and predictions. Decision-support systems ("DSS") are specifically designed to help management make decisions in situations where there is uncertainty about the possible outcomes of those decisions. DSS comprise tools and techniques to help gather relevant information and analyse the options and alternatives. DSS often involves use of complex spread sheet and databases to create "what-if" …show more content…
The method used to construct such systems, knowledge engineering, extracts a set of rules and data from an expert or experts through extensive questioning. This material is then organized in a format suitable for representation in a computer and a set of tools for inquiry, manipulation, and response is applied. While such systems do not often replace the human experts, they can serve as useful adjuncts or assistants. Expert systems imitate human experts in many different fields of expertise. Such systems contain rules (such as decision tables) that help human answer expert questions.
Advantages of Expert Systems * The computer can store far more information than a human. * The computer does not 'forget', make silly mistakes or get drunk when it is most needed. * Data can be kept up-to-date. * The expert system is always available 24 hours a day and will never 'retire'. * The system can be used at a distance over a network.


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