Fear Of Moving Away At Anna High School

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The teaching profession, just like any other profession, has many disadvantages and fears that comes with the job. Parents are people who will do anything for their child even if it means yelling at the teacher to give the student the full extra credit points. Some students are physically much larger than me, which can be very intimidating. I do have a concern as to whether I will be able to control my class due to my physical appearance. I have a fear of disappointing people, which means I’m not sure if I will be able to provide the necessary material and knowledge to each of my students in the given time frame. After dealing will parents, students, and my fears I will only have a pay check that will not reflect all of the hours I put in outside …show more content…
Rioch, was verbally attacked by many parents in the community. A plethora of emails, phone calls, and in person interactions about the way he runs the football team was brought up. After two years of this consistent hatred towards Mr. Rioch he retired as the head football coach, because he could not handle the stress of this affair. The saddest part about this situation was that Mr. Rioch loved coaching. And the father that was the main parent who convinced the community that Mr. Rioch was a terrible coach did not let his son play football, because the new head coach is apparently worse than Mr. Rioch. It’s alarming to know that parents can cause my math teacher to stop doing something he loved through verbal assaults.
If I do become an educator I would want to coach track, cross country, or high jump. I really enjoyed all of these sports and would love to share my experiences and knowledge with other student athletes. This would allow me to connect with my students outside of the classroom. But I have a fear that if a parent is irritated by the way I coach, I will be forced to retire. Even if a parent is upset about the end results of the sport season will result in the community calling me a failure. Teachers who train student athletes are going to have to deal with parents criticizing the way the coach executes the
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I have a fear that I will not be able to take control of my class and earn respect from my students due to my physical appearance. My English teacher, Miss. Dues, had no control over her students. My classmates thought her class was a joke. Every time she gave a warning about sending someone to the principal’s office or giving more homework, we all laughed. Because my classmates had not respect for her. I’m afraid my classroom atmosphere will be considered a joke and my students will walk all over me just like they did Miss Dues. In order to become an effective teacher I will have to become a strict educator in many aspects of my job. This is hard for me to accomplish, because I am always happy and lack a tough personality.
I enjoying getting to know new people, listening to their opinions, and sharing my own. I I am not sure if I will be able to stop myself from placing my opinions into my classroom without some practice. I want to get to know my students, but I do not want to cross that fine line of the student-teacher relationship. As a teacher I cannot voice my own opinions, because this will cause more parent and administrative conflict. Teachers have to be unbiased in all aspects of their classroom, so students can develop their own

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