Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

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The ability of a machine to act and react like humans and resemble the intelligence like them is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is not a system but it is embedded inside the system like computer. It is a broad branch of computer science which defines the study of intelligent agents.
Like humans, the machines also perceive its environment and take the actions accordingly to achieve their goals.
The term “Artificial Intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans with other minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

Artificial intelligence is the branch which pursues the humans to create machines or computers as intelligent as humans.
AI first studied how a human thinks and how it learns
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The machines will do more difficult tasks than humans which requires patience and without felling nervous.
5. The machine would not really need sleep or break that usually humans need.
6. Artificial intelligence can be form of aid towards humanity.
7. Artificial intelligence makes the life of handicapped people more better and easier.
1. Exaggerated reliance on artificial intelligence can make humans dependent on machines for every work.
2. It could ruin the human lives and also economy.
3. Machines without emotions would make decisions that lack empathy towards the human mankind ultimately it is a robot which does not have any feelings or could ever understand them.
4. Artificial intelligence in wrong hands can even be used as destructive power.
5. It could also make job opportunities disappear because it’s not needed to pay and can work indefinitely which would result thousands without income.
6. Development of full artificial intelligence would turn out into an end of human race because of their efficiency and tremendous intelligence.
1. Humans cannot fly refrain from treating AI as human beings.
2. We already treats pets, animals as a part of our family then why not machines that look like humans and also having same thinking

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