Summary Of Descartes Discourse On Method

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In Descartes Discourse on Method, Descartes insists some thoughts of what makes us human being, which proven that we are the most intelligent creature on earth. He also differentiates human being to robot and beast, and its connection to rational soul inside human’s body. Certainly, there is a lot to be grasped from Descartes’ ideas that can make us proud of ourselves as a human, for he describes all aspects in detail on how human really can’t be compared to neither robot nor beast. I will try to expand Descartes’ point on what makes us human being even further, and to testify that human being is truly unique and incomparable to any breathing creatures on earth.
In the reading Descartes provides detailed background on how human body must be
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(56;8-15). In short, Descartes is trying to say that human being could not possibly be compared to a certain kind of animal or machine despite their similarities in shape and organ, for they do not qualified in two certain means of becoming true men. The first qualification is that machines, animals, or other creatures could never possibly form words or signs to express their thought to others (56-16). Even when some robots are able to create words, they are heavily depending on certain order towards one of its organs. Additionally, they can’t response differently from what they are programmed, while even the dullest men can give different response in different situation. Secondly, although machines or robots might perform many tasks very well or perhaps even better than human being, such machines would inevitably fail in other tasks (57-3). This particular point has proven that machines/robots are giving response in accordance with the disposition of their organs, not through …show more content…
It possesses tremendous abilities as people implement their knowledge and ideas in programming the machine. It may appear to look alike with human kinds, as robots can walk, talk, do something that even human do not possess the ability to do so. However, maybe they could walk, but they cannot travel around the world as human do. Maybe they can talk, but surely they can’t communicate to address their preference and will. Or maybe they can do something better than human do, but certainly they can’t do multiple tasks simultaneously

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