Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media Essay

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What do people use their cell phones or the Internet for nowadays? Whether people use it for the entertainments or keeping contacts with friends and families, we need to agree that the high technologies have been playing a huge role in our life. A typical routine of an ordinary person is that checking his phone after waking up in the morning and checking his phone again before going to bed. Million of new apps have been designed and downloaded for the last ten years such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on. Some people say that the growing rapidly of the social medias help us expand our minds and have greater chances to meet interesting friends, thus connect with people from over the world. However, another ones feel that the social medias have been taking control over our life, and a majority of the young generation are living in the illusion and unrealistic world that they have created. Several scientists have studied the effects of social medias on the heavy users; especially the teenagers and they have come to the conclusion that will make the young people rethink about cutting the time of using the social medias. First of all, overusing the social media can cause serious health and mental problem. Growing up in the …show more content…
Speaking with the expert of computer science, Tan Pham, who is working as a computer analyst of AAFES Company. He said the social media is a great entertainments and helpful technologies right at the fingers for every people. If we use it the right way, friends and families could share the meaningful and happy moments with others as same as saving the beautiful memories. However, most of young people are addicted and have a tendency to check their phones or online accounts without recognizing. The benefits of the high technologies, especially the social networkings, are enormous, but it depend on us how to make it useful or harmful to our

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