Impact Of Social Media On Youth Essay

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The study focuses on various impacts of social media on youth in India, both positive and negative. Social media is a media that is known to create impact on its users and the society as a whole. The way social media has impacted the youth in India is worth a thorough re-search to be able to understand if the change it is bringing into the lifestyles and attitudes among youngsters is majorly positive or majorly negative [1].
Social media is the media that enables its users to create and share content and information or to participate in social networking via virtual communities and networks. Social media is the latest type of media that runs on the Internet [2]. As its name suggests, social media is a me-dia of the society and by the society on the contrary to the conventional forms of media that are for the society but are not run by the common people. Social media gives power to a common man to voice his or her thoughts,
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If the impact of social media on youth is to be studied, it is of utmost importance to study and examine the psychological implications of social media on youth [7]. Social media is taking up large chunks out of daily routines and such alarming activeness of youth on social media is bound to have some kind of major impacts on their brain activities.
While social media is emerging as one of the most popular forms of media giving a hard competition to the conventional forms of media, it has its own bright and dark sides, too. On the brighter side, social media is a platform that gives people confidence to raise their voices and break the shackles holding them back from coming out openly. Social media serves as an emotional healer to those struggling with rough times and as a companion to those with few friends outside the virtual world. To many, social networking is one of the only sources of happiness and entertainment for them, which certainly proves its worth and its contribution for brains and

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